What to Wear to the Gentlemen’s Club

What to Wear to the Gentlemen’s Club

Many people visit a gentlemen’s club for the express purpose of unwinding. The last thing they want is having somebody tell them what they can or cannot wear on their night out. In some cases, this can’t be avoided especially for the classier or more prominent establishments.

If you don’t want to be turned away at the door, err on the safe side when it comes to your outfit. You can also consider it a courtesy to the female strippers who will be dressed to impress. Anyway, don’t you think you’ll seem more approachable when you’re not dressed like a vagrant?

Wear something smart and classy

For those who are going to a gentlemen’s club after a long day at work, you could simply remain in your work attire. Dressing up in a suit and tie will show a splash of sophistication. Make sure you tighten up your tie so you will be prepared in case an entertainer tries to loosen it up. Wearing business attire can certainly catch people’s attention.

Go for a casual look

If you do not feel comfortable wearing a suit and tie, you can go for a nice button-down or polo shirt. Make sure the clothes you wear are clean and iron-pressed, you could pair a polo shirt with some nice jeans. For your shoes, try on some loafers or oxfords for a more stylish look.

What clothes should you avoid?

When visiting a gentlemen’s club, you must avoid wearing outfits that are often worn in the gym or the beach even in the summer. This includes tank tops, sweatpants, basketball shorts and ripped jeans. You must not wear athletic apparel or athletic shoes. It will also be a good idea to forego wearing sandals, flip flops or any open-toed shoes even when paired with socks as these may potentially cause you to trip and fall as you go to your table. While not all gentlemen’s club has formal dress codes, most of them will refuse entry to anyone wearing the mentioned outfits.

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