Lessons women can learn from female strippers

Lessons women can learn from female strippers

Women are sexy; women are smart. None more so than strippers. There is much a woman can learn from an exotic dancer – they are far more than they seem. They are strong, smart, and business savvy. They also make great negotiators, and know how to stand up for what they want.


To be a successful exotic dancer, a woman must ooze confidence. She can show this in whatever form she likes – whether she plays the submissive, or takes full control. This need for confidence plays a big role in unconventional bachelorette party ideas. It is new, it is fresh, it is sexy.

How to read people

A stripper must learn how to read the room – she must know how to separate the stag weekends from the business transactions. The new, from the more experienced. She must learn how to read their personalities, to determine who is more likely to cause trouble; who she should be wary of. A woman will go far in life if she learns this skill.

Separate your home life from your work life

This is such an important lesson to learn – compartmentalisation. Don’t bring your home life into work – it will distract you, and affect your ability to do your job properly. Don’t bring your work life home either – nobody wants that added stress after a long day (or night) hard at work. You need to be able to relax and unwind, and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the next day.

Don’t judge

It is so easy to be judgemental. Don’t judge someone by what they are wearing, how they talk, the people they hang around with, and especially their profession. Strippers are many things, she is a hard worker, an entrepreneur, doing what she can for her family. Frequenting a strip club does not make someone perverted or unfaithful. Everyone has their own way of unwinding, and there is nothing wrong with admiring beauty.

Beauty is subjective

This is one of the most important lessons women today should learn. So what if you don’t look like a model? So what if you don’t have what society deems to be the perfect figure, perfect hair colour, perfect eye colour, perfect nails, perfect lashes and perfect style? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – not everyone wants the same thing.

All women are sexy in their own right.